New managed email security platform offers unique filtering capabilities

dns has announced its partnership with Postini, the global leader in integrated message management, to provide businesses with unprecedented strength in their email security. dnsMSS Managed Email Security service, powered by Postini, provides customers with the dual power base of industry-leading technologies and the benefits of a managed solution. dns has integrated Postini’s scanning engine into its system and is now seamlessly converting its customers over to the new, enhanced service, which offers expanded functionality and improved scanning. Unlike other solutions that filter email at the desktop, server or gateway, dns’ security platform is positioned between the Internet and the corporate network, creating a secure wall around email systems.

The onslaught of traditional and emerging threats is placing heavy demands on Internet email and the companies trying to secure it. Dealing with these threats in a merely product-based way is often no longer sufficient to secure company networks. The stream of spam and virus outbreaks that many businesses face, and the extensive management time this swallows up, have highlighted the need for a new approach to protecting Internet email – both in terms of the way the technology is implemented and how the solution is sustained.

Positioning the security platform between the Internet and the corporate network allows for a more water-tight security solution because threats can be blocked out on the Internet before they reach the corporate network. This “Pass Thru” technology only lets legitimate traffic through to the network, avoiding heavy bandwidth consumption and preventing costly Denial of Service attacks. dnsMSS, which does not break the connection between the sender and recipient, prevents email latency, heightens visibility and promotes delivery assurance – all in a managed solution.

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