CrossTec to release an audit logging solution

CrossTec Corporation announced that it will release a new audit logging tool in Q2 of 2007. The audit logging software solution will help simplify security log collection, storage and analysis. The audit logger will tightly integrate with CrossTec’s security information and event management (SIEM) software solution Activeworx Security Center. The audit logging solution will boast compression in excess of 25:1, incredible search speeds, and the ability to log huge amounts of security events.

Activeworx, which includes over 250 compliance reports out-of-the-box will now be able to search and report on massive amounts of historical data stored in ActiveLogger. For added integrity, the audit logger’s data is verifiedusing MD5 checksums.

Activeworx Audit Logger Highlights :

– Comprehensive audit logging – with optimized search and analysis capabilities for your entire infrastructure.
– Meet regulatory compliance – with forensically sound collection and retention of all security events on your network for years, including automatic log rotation and integrity checksums.
– Fully integrated SIEM – simply send any archived audit logs into the ASC Event Framework for deeper forensic analysis of a specific incident, even if that incident occurred years ago.
– Distributed and scalable – Easily create log aggregation points at as many locations as necessary to minimize bandwidth consumption, increase security, and optimize performance.
– ASC’s Audit Logger is a true enterprise solution that is not tied down to one appliance or a relational database. You can log tens of thousands of events at as many locations as necessary without exponentially increasing cost or resources.
– IT administrators and helpdesk management will gain direct visibility into system, network and application health while improving network and system troubleshooting activities.

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