Biometric authentication integrated into OmniPass Mobile Edition for PDA’s and cell phones

AuthenTec and access control markets, and Softex Incorporated announced the integration of OmniPass ME to work with AuthenTec’s biometric fingerprint sensors. This will allow the user to securely and conveniently manage PDA and cell phone authentication before critical device operations such as logon, password replacement and file encryption can be performed.

Most security software is designed to protectinformation stored on mobile devices while sacrificing convenience. OmniPass ME leverages AuthenTec’s secure biometric authentication to make overall mobile device experience more convenient to use. It protects the user’s data, allows secure device login and secures access to websites and applications.

“Many employees are now creating and viewing sensitive company information on handheld devices that were not designed to be secure,” said Apurva Bhansali CEO, Softex. “The collaboration between Softex and AuthenTec provides a powerful combination of secure and convenient password management.”

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