Peed trojan family tops Bitdefender’s March malware chart

Trojan.Peed.Gen topped the list with 30.95 percent of total detections, making it this year’s first true virus epidemic. The phenomenon is showing no signs of slowing down and BitDefender Labs expect Trojan.Peed.Gen to continue spreading in the upcoming months.

Aside from Iframe vulnerability exploits being used in a host of new malware in March, the most notable new entry to BitDefender’s top ten malware list is Win32.Sality.M, a highly-dangerous polymorphic virus which has been actively seeded in the past weeks, most notably using another virus, the venerable Bagle mass mailer, as a vector. BitDefender will continue to monitor the Win32.Sality.M virus in April to determine the potential wide-spread damage.
BitDefender’s March top ten malware list includes:

1. Trojan.Peed.Gen
2. BehavesLike:Trojan.Downloader
3. Win32.Netsky.P@mm
4. Exploit.Iframe.Vulnerability.B
5. Exploit.Iframe.Vulnerability
6. Win32.Bagle.HM@mm
7. Win32.Nyxem.E@mm
8. Win32.Sality.M
9. Win32.NetSky.D@mm
10. Trojan.ASXLoad.A

“The trend toward consolidation in virus varieties in the wild will continue. This month’s top ten list covers a whopping 60 percent of all viruses seen in circulation. We may be seeing the Internet version of natural selection in action, with a few successful species displacing the less successful ones on a massive scale,” declared Viorel Canja for BitDefender.


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