AT&T Managed Web-Security service available to businesses worldwide

AT&T announced the availability of AT&T Web Security, a network-based security service that provides advanced Web content and instant-messaging filtering.

Available to companies in the United States and around the world, AT&T Web Security is the newest addition to AT&T’s enterprise security portfolio, which is focused on providing companies with security services “in the cloud” to help remove the dependency on hardware and software while supporting a “defense in depth” architecture with security features built into different network layers and supporting processes.

AT&T Web Security provides companies with network-based capabilities to perform Web-content filtering and screening for malware and spyware, and IM filtering for malware, without dedicated hardware or software requirements. AT&T Web Security is designed to monitor all nonencrypted Web traffic, including HTTP requests, and replies to HTTP requests and IM traffic. It can operate independently or become fully integrated with AT&T’s other managed security solutions.

AT&T Web Security features include: — Monitoring and reporting of Web traffic at the network level. Customers may choose to monitor individual end-users, which would require that the customer install software on the user’s PC.
— Web-based portal for administration and reporting, including customized browser alert capabilities and automated reports.
— Near-real-time scanning of requested Web sites and files to ensure that even trusted locations and files are monitored.
— IM-filtering capabilities with storage.

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