First database Leak Prevention Solution released

Guardium announced the industry’s first comprehensive solution for database leak prevention. The new offering, called Guardium DBLP, is the only solution that automatically locates and classifies sensitive information in corporate databases, and prevents unauthorized or suspicious use based on proactive, real-time policies and continuous comparisons to normal activity.

Guardium DBLP is the second in a series of visionary solutions built upon Version 6.0 of the Guardium platform, the most widely-deployed solution for database activity monitoring, security, and auditing. Version 6.0 represents a significant leap forward for the industry, providing intelligent next-generation technologies that increase protection while leveraging automation and sophisticated data mining techniques to reduce manual efforts. The first offering, called Change Control Solution for Databases, was announced at the RSA Conference 2007. Additional functionality for Version 6.0 will be announced later this quarter.

Guardium DBLP shipments are scheduled to begin within 30 days. The system supports Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2 and Informix, and Sybase IQ and ASE. Please contact Guardium for pricing.

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