New version of AppScan web application security testing tool

Watchfire announced a new quality assurance edition of the Company’s flagship product, AppScan. AppScan QA introduces the latest web application security testing to the QA cycle, with new and enhanced integration with the industry’s most popular software quality management solutions—HP Quality Center  and IBM Rational ClearQuest.  This new release complements Watchfire’s web-based enterprise platform – AppScan Enterprise, a solution that enables organizations to scale application security testing into QA and development via a web-based system.
AppScan QA offers enhanced and seamless integration with HP Quality Center. AppScan QA reduces the cost of fixing security-related defects by integrating with the testing hosts of HP’s Quality Center environment, allowing users to run tests (e.g. functional, load and security) from a single console. This helps QA teams enhance their test plans to integrate security as a key component of their normal testing process. AppScan works as a QA security testing engine and users are empowered with comprehensive security defect advisories, modification and maintenance processes—in addition to detailed fix recommendations—all in easy-to-understand QA language.

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