Sourcefire launches enterprise threat management strategy

Sourcefire announced its Enterprise Threat Management strategy, along with the introduction of the Sourcefire Master Defense Center and post-connect network access control functionality.
Built on a common foundation of threat, network, endpoint and user intelligence, the Sourcefire 3D System unifies four key ETM solutions – Intrusion Prevention, Network Behavior Analysis, Network Access Control and Vulnerability Assessment – to defend enterprise networks at all stages of the attack continuum – Before, During and After the attack. Sourcefire is the first network security vendor to integrate all four ETM components under the same management console, affording customers with both efficient and effective means for defending complex networks against today’s most costly threats.
With this new ETM approach, Sourcefire customers can:
” Defend against known and unknown exploits using Sourcefire’s award-winning IPS solution, built on Snort open-source technology;
” Capture traffic baselines and detect internal network anomalies using Sourcefire’s NBA solution;
” Enforce network and regulatory compliance policies using Sourcefire’s post-connect NAC solution;
” Determine vulnerabilities in network assets to mitigate threats using Sourcefire’s Vulnerability Assessment solution.

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