Key issues to secure proprietary corporate data

It doesn’t take much to get publicity these days. Lose one spreadsheet containing customer data, and your company’s name is almost guaranteed to be plastered all over the front page news. Data leakage is a serious issue that is expected to result in tens of millions of people receiving “data loss” notification letters this year. And compliance regulations, including SarBox, HIPAA, and Payment Card Industry (PCI), are bearing down on companies to prevent the loss of this information.

But what if you could audit every file copied to and from a portable storage device such as a USB key? Better yet, what if you could prevent the copying of confidential information to unauthorized devices?

In order to implement a single, integrated desktop policy addressing both your hardware and software configuration, Bit9 recommends that three fundamental requirements be met:

1. First, the solution must be capable of protecting against both internal and external threats;

2. Second, the solution must be automated, enabling the growth of the business without burdening IT;

3. And lastly, the solution must be centralized. Enforcing policy on each endpoint without a centralized view is not enough; a robust solution should provide visibility and control across your business.

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