Secure input, management, analysis and sharing of critical information with Memex Series VI

Memex announced the availability of Memex Series VI, a full suite of software tools that enables the secure input, management, development, analysis and sharing of intelligence information across organisations. Businesses in both the public and private sector can use Memex Series VI to capture and direct the flow of information in real-time, seconds and minutes as opposed to days and hours, to the exact people who need it. It ensures that users are working with detailed and completely live data, enabling them to take action quickly and make decisions in the most effective way.

Memex Series VI offers a comprehensive set of tools to exchange real time intelligence across an organisation. It consists of 3 key components:

Memex Patriarch is a highly advanced operational intelligence system that enables the secure input, management, development, analysis and sharing of critical information across organisations and their partners allowing organisations to access data as soon as it becomes available. Other capabilities include:
* Memex’s Federated Search – providing access to any data source, internal or external to an organisation and widening the pool of knowledge
* Visualisation – users can link people, places and events by viewing “at a glance” information from several sources at once
* Customisable and user friendly interface, enabling different users to be assigned different access levels, minimising information falling into the wrong hands

Memex Sententia is a web application which enables any organisation to distribute the capabilities of the Memex Patriarch solution across the entire enterprise making it easier for employees/investigators to access remotely. With its reduced deployment time, it can have users up and running with the application virtually instantly, which means less training overheads and a more cost-effective option for larger distributed organisations.

Other capabilities include:
* Evaluation: Point of entry evaluation of intelligence information allowing users to see the “full picture” as soon as information becomes available
* Real-time data updates: increasing efficiency and safety of front-line personnel
* Substantiating reports: All entities created within the intelligence system can be linked to provide more detailed reports and evidence, so that information is never in silo
* Low maintenance and minimal training required

Memex Analyst allows users to retrieve, query and analyse data in a variety of databases from a single interface. It includes various visualisation and analysis tools to help automatically identify cross-database commonalities and trends, dramatically increasing an organisation’s efficiency.

Other capabilities include:
* Free text searching – quick and easy access to information related to key themes, scenarios or people
* Continuous real-time data monitoring so users are always seeing the most up to date information
* Wild Card, Garbled and Sound-Alike functions allow users to identify information that would otherwise be impossible to track using other methods
* AutoChart enables information to be displayed graphically and allows the user to mine databases visually making the analysis process straightforward

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