SecureZIP Standard Version 11 absolutely free of charge for a limited time

PKWARE announced that in celebration of the company’s 20th anniversary, they are making SecureZIP Standard Version 11, its widely used desktop data security software, available at no charge. For a limited time, individual users can visit and receive a free download of the upgraded release of the software, empowering them to protect information stored on hard-drives, laptops, portable devices and sent through email against theft and unauthorized access. Built on the .ZIP standard originally developed and patented by PKWARE, SecureZIP’s easy-to-use interface provides the familiarity of a ZIP solution to help ease the process of integrating security into everyday computing tasks.
Building on fundamental attributes of ZIP, such as simplicity and platform interoperability, SecureZIP Standard will allow people to secure personally, financially or medically sensitive files saved on their desktop. Additionally, with its seamless integration with email applications, such as Microsoft Outlook, SecureZIP users have a persistently secure email system that ensures that both the email message body and attachments are encrypted and digitally signed.
SecureZIP is a simplified data security tool, which enables individual users to secure communication with everyone on their email list, from their boss and family, to their attorney, realtor or tax advisor, all in one step. Ideal for self-employed or independent contractors, a quick download of SecureZIP Standard Version 11 provides individuals with an intuitive enterprise-class data security and encryption solution. Additionally, for organizations of all sizes seeking solutions for the enterprise, PKWARE offers SecureZIP Enterprise Version 11, a scalable and robust offering that introduces the added benefit of the following administrative features:
– Flexible Security that Leverages Existing Investments – SecureZIP is a neutral-format solution that complements existing security infrastructures, enabling administrators to deploy with minimal modification to current processes. SecureZIP uniquely supports passphrase and digital certificate-based encryption and authentication simultaneously to allow users to leverage current security technologies within the desktop environment. 
– Centrally Enforce Corporate Security Policies – Policy management capabilities available with SecureZIP Enterprise allow IT administrators to centrally configure data security policies for desktop users. Organizations can control who has the ability to secure information, what type of security they use, and enforce those policies across their enterprise. The SecureZIP Enterprise policy manager is controlled using a Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in, providing a familiar interface for administrators to adopt quickly and easily.

Usually SecureZIP Enterprise Version 11 is available for download for USD 49.95 per user, so visit their homepage ASAP to get your free copy.

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