Entrust OTP security token now commercially available

By working with ActivIdentity, Entrust has accelerated the commercial availability of its $5 Entrust IdentityGuard OTP (one-time password) security token, making it available for purchase today. This latest initiative is a part of Entrust’s overall strategic relationship with ActivIdentity, which spans both companies’ broad portfolio including authentication and PKI products.

“When we introduced our $5 Entrust IdentityGuard OTP security token several weeks ago, we knew there was strong demand for a significantly lower-priced security token, but we didn’t expect to have the kind of response we’ve had from the marketplace,” said Entrust Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Bill Conner. “This latest initiative in Entrust’s strategic relationship with ActivIdentity allows us to accelerate the availability, scalability and reliability of an Entrust OTP token – making them available today while maintaining the $5 price point and our targeted financials. The existing strategic relationship with ActivIdentity coupled with time to market and aggressive pricing made this a compelling business decision for Entrust.”

Specifically for the delivery of Entrust branded OTP hardware tokens, Entrust has entered into an agreement to OEM new ActivIdentity Mini Tokens that enables the $5 entry price point that includes staggered pricing for volume purchases. These tokens operate as another authentication method from the Entrust IdentityGuard versatile authentication platform. The agreement also will allow additional Entrust-branded models of ActivIdentity tokens.

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