ZTE ZXR10 Series routers powered by Hifn’s security processor

Hifn announced that telecom provider ZTE has chosen the Hifn 7855 security processor for their new AIM IPsec Module of ZXR10 Series Routers to enable fast, secure communication traffic across network devices.

ZTE ZXR10 Series Routers, using Hifn’s 7855 security processor, are ideally suited to handle the necessary VPN applications within data communications systems such as Media Gateways, Remote Access Servers, Network Controllers, and Broadband Connection Nodes. Unique to the Hifn 7855 security processor is the ability to dynamically handle both IPsec and SSL processing as well as multi- protocol security processing at Full-duplex speeds.

“ZTE customers are becoming increasingly concerned about data security,” said Mr. Li Weipu, Datacom, the product director at ZTE. “They are looking for a product that provides high performance, low latency and good small packet throughput for the strongest commercial security transforms. The 7855 offers all of these and more with multi-protocol capabilities for complete information protection. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Hifn on high-end routers.”

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