First dynamic, machine-learning based email reputation service

Proofpoint introduced the industry’s first dynamic, machine-learning based email reputation solution, Proofpoint Dynamic Reputation . Proofpoint Dynamic Reputation is the only email reputation service that uses a combination of local, predictive behavioral data and globally-observed reputation — analyzed by powerful machine learning algorithms — to block incoming connections from malicious IP addresses. The system provides Proofpoint customers with an accurate, first line of defense against spam, directory harvest attacks, denial of service attacks and other email-borne threats while delivering substantial bandwidth savings.

New functionality in Proofpoint Dynamic Reputation builds on Proofpoint’s innovative connection management features, first introduced in version 3.0 of the Proofpoint messaging security platform. All Proofpoint appliances and software deployments provide built-in, predictive, behavioral analysis of local IP traffic that responds in real-time to eliminate email traffic spikes and block or throttle malicious connections from botnets.

Now, customers with high email volumes can add enhanced protection to their Proofpoint deployments to further reduce connection volumes at the network edge. This protection is provided by Proofpoint netMLX reputation analysis technology, a global machine learning fabric built over and extending the machine learning technology that powers each Proofpoint customer deployment.

Proofpoint netMLX creates the industry’s most accurate and up-to-date database of reputation for IP addresses sending email across the Internet, allowing each customer site to benefit from the network effect provided by Proofpoint’s real-time, machine learning analysis of global sender behavior. Proofpoint netMLX consolidates global data on malicious and valid IP addresses-processing both measured data from local MLX analysis at customer sites and observed data from external sources — and produces a score that represents the sender’s reputation, whether positive or negative. Pricing starts at $3750 per year.

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