New single secure domain security software for large enterprises

Vanguard Integrity Professionals announced new enhancements to its unique line of enterprise-wide security software. The Vanguard software manages the entire enterprise as a single secure domain, which enables companies to lower their total cost of security management by eliminating security software licenses and administration costs on individual servers.

With Vanguard’s ez software products, users and data on distributed systems can be administered from a single point with a common interface. The software provides a complete and unprecedented integrated solution for universal sign on, intrusion protection and detection, enterprise-wide application authentication, authorization and auditing, compliance and reporting, and two-factor user authentication.

The Vanguard ez software line includes the following products:

* ez/SignOn for universal password control and intrusion prevention and detection for multi-platform environments, including support for Windows, AS/400, Red Hat, SUSE, HPUX, Solaris and AIX platforms. The new version provides support for the Novell platform.

* ez/Integrator for enterprise application security that includes authentication, authorization and auditing. The new version introduces native Java interface support, which expands the range of applications supported, simplifies deployment and provides stronger support for distributed enterprise java applications.

* ez/AccessControl for integrated access management control across the enterprise including Windows and mainframe platforms; Red Hat Linux version is currently in beta.

* ez/Token for two-factor user authentication to applications and systems. In addition to RSA SecurID, the new version adds support for ActivIdentity.

* PasswordReset for self service user password resetting capabilities that can be accessed from any browser.

* Registration Manager for managing and maintaining ez/SignOn mapped profiles and providing a complete view of users and which IDs they have on specific systems.

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