safeSEARCH browser toolbar with real-time phishing attack warnings

CyberDefender Corporation announced the immediate availability of safeSEARCH Toolbar. This free browser plug-in enables Internet users to surf the web safely, receive real-time phishing attack warnings as soon as new threats are discovered, and offers real-time protection from common online scams designed to steal your personal information.

Available now from , safeSEARCH is a powerful security companion that seamlessly integrates with a user’s web browser. safeSEARCH relies upon CyberDefender’s patent-pending anti-phishing technology to alert users to websites which CyberDefender has determined to be unsafe.

safeSEARCH is also uniquely designed to warn users about online hijacking attempts as they occur, detecting whether the URL that a user arrived at matches the original URL generated in the search results from the safeSEARCH results box. If the URLs are different, then safeSEARCH immediately recognizes that the original website has been hijacked and can warn the user in-real time that he/she has been redirected to a phishing site. To increase phishing scam detection rates, safeSEARCH also utilizes threat data from trusted security companies worldwide.

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