Protected disc recorder for secure burn applications

DTR Limited, a product development company specializing in content security and access control on optical disks announced today the availability of the Protected Disc Recorder (PDR).

The PDR is an industry standard DVD reader/writer with additional features to handle secure burning and access control. It will attach to any host device, typically PC’s and game consoles, via an industry standard USB connection. The PDR has two primary modes of operation: In normal mode it can be used as an off the shelf standard DVD reader/writer. In secure mode, it is capable of securely burning downloaded content with various forms of content protection. It can also be used to provide an additional range of access control functions which further enhance the security of downloaded content. The PDR produces standards compliant optical disk formats including CD, DVD and Blu-ray. It expected to be used in both consumer applications such as the emerging download-to-own market, and commercial applications such as retail kiosks.

It can be implemented today to provide secure burn of movie downloads to DVD recordable media in electronic sell through applications. The PDR is able to burn the movie with its CSS protection intact, meaning the resulting DVD will behave in exactly the same way as a pressed retail copy and be compatible with the current standard DVD player installed base.

The PDR incorporates extensible technology, and can be used in other electronic sell through applications, such as games, application software and protected data. It can be used to burn a downloaded game to recordable disk, along with copy protection as would be provided on a retail edition of the game. It can also be used to burn downloaded software and data, along with the copy protection normally found on a retail edition of the software and data that would have been pressed.

The PDR provides a general purpose platform for secure burn, and its functionality is extensible. It does not require any new or special media, such as the recently announced CSS recordable, and is capable of producing fully CSS protected movies using standard, off-the-shelf recordable media available today.

Because the PDR has low level access to the optical disk, it is capable of replicating most of the features found in current optical disk copy protection systems. For instance a game could be downloaded and burnt to disk with the copy protection signature replicated as if it was a retail pressed disk, meaning for DRM purposes the game could be tied to the media rather than the users machine or some other form of access control.

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