File Anti-Copy 3.1 security utility released

HiHiSoft has announced the immediate availability of File Anti-Copy 3.1, a simple security utility that will protect selected files from being opened, copied, or deleted without the owner’s permission. File Anti-Copy will protect files at the Windows kernel level which ensures maximum security.

Most every computer user has experienced the pain and sufferings that come from a file that has been copied to the folder you don’t know or worse yet, deleted by some well-intentioned co-worker who didn’t realize the file was important to you. This event is more common than you may think, especially in offices where one computer is often shared by more than one user. Fortunately there’s now a little utility called File Anti-Copy that will prevent a file loss or removal from happening. And not only this! It also makes a good anti-spy tool that will disallow other people to make screenshots of your document, copy and paste your text.

File Anti-Copy is prettu simple and requires no time to learn. Even people with little or no knowledge of computers can protect their files from copying in a couple of minutes because the interface is so uncomplicated and friendly. Once you start the program, it’ll ask you to type in username and password in order to access the configuration window. Then to protect a file, you only need to add it to the locked file list, change Anti-Copy Status to ‘Active’ and hit OK – all in all three clicks! Additional options in Setup allow you to enable Alpha Anti-Copy Protection of all files, which means that the files can be opened and read but cannot be copied or captured as screenshots. Another option – Autostart Anti-Copy will automatically launch the program at Windows startup, to protect your files and data all the time.

File Anti-Copy 3.1 runs under Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 and costs $24.95 (US) for a single-user license.

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