New BorderWare Security Platform consolidates email, IM and Web security

BorderWare Technologies today announced the immediate availability of the BorderWare Web Security Gateway and BorderWare IM Security Gateway, as well as the evolution of MXtreme into the BorderWare Email Security Gateway, with the launch of the BorderWare Security Platform. The BorderWare Security Platform is the first solution to consolidate Email, IM and Web security in a single platform, removing the need for companies to deploy individual devices to protect different messaging applications.

The BorderWare Security Platform is available today, further enhancing the strength of the company’s Email, IM and Web Security Gateways, by providing a single integrated policy to protect inbound and outbound traffic for all communication channels, delivering stronger security, simplified management and high performance while reducing up to 50% of the cost of ownership over point solutions.

“Business communications are converging. It’s not just email. We now have instant messaging, Web, collaborative interaction and blogs,” said Brian Burke, Research Manager, Security Products, IDC. “Organizations need to have consolidated security solutions and integrated products that examine threats, control content and address regulatory compliance needs across all communication channels.”

With the growth of IM and Web traffic, the sophistication of threats has increased, opening the door to a whole new set of security concerns that go beyond email. Each messaging application represents an entry point for blended threats such as malware, viruses, worms, SPIM, phishing, botnets and zombies used for spam campaigns, while exposing organizations to compliance violations, loss of intellectual property, inappropriate web use and more.

“The growing complexity and cost of securing email, IM, and web communications are facts of business that need a strategic response,” said Tim Leisman, CEO of BorderWare. “Our proposition is simple: Companies can cobble together various unrelated quick fixes that increase cost of ownership and don’t provide comprehensive security, or they can invest in our integrated, simplified solution for half the price.”

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