Secure Computing offers free reports on the security reputation of your domains

Secure Computing just launched Domain Health Check, a free web service that provides users with a behavior-based view of the messaging and web reputation of their domains. This is a first-of-its-kind service, providing users with a free report about the security of their domain as seen and correlated from thousands of points around the globe. In today’s ever-changing security landscape, where attacks routinely use compromised computers as hosts and mobile workforce computers can easily become infected outside the office, it is important for corporate IT departments to regularly monitor and track the behavior of systems within their networks.

Domain Health Check provides:

” Simple web access, sign-up and verification that lets one run a report for their domain
” An easy-to-read and understand report that provides:
” Web reputation and site categorization information
” Message reputation information including any malicious senders, suspected zombies, dormant email senders within the domain, and phishing incidents for the domain as observed by TrustedSource
” Summary and interpretation of results
” Remediation suggestions including recommended next steps


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