Major upgrade to Apani’s Enterprise Security Solution

Apani Networks unveiled the latest version of its EpiForce security solution today at Interop Las Vegas. As the company’s flagship product, EpiForce distinguishes itself as the industry’s most advanced and uniquely architected software security solution that focuses on a company’s most valuable asset – its data. The new version virtually segments the network eliminating any need to physically change the network, and allows data in transit to be secured through selective encryption based on a wide range of administrator-designated criteria including user, machine, port number, and more. Unique to EpiForce is its dynamic, user-centric policy management feature which enforces policies by user, irrespective of machine or access point.

EpiForce is designed for large, distributed environments and supports virtually all operating system platforms, network applications, and hardware devices. Its advanced architecture enables Apani to partner with industry-leading solutions providers like HP.

The latest version of EpiForce delivers a variety of new features focused on a user-identity approach to data security. This new release offers comprehensive security that is flexible and customizable to ease installation and management.

New features include:

” Comprehensive User and System Security through Centralized, Dynamic Policy Control – automatically applies policies by user from any network hardware system based on a wide range of administrator-designated criteria including time of day, machine, port number, and more.
” Direct Integration with Active Directory for User Authentication – significantly eases user authentication through direct synchronization with LDAP via extensive administrator-designated identifiers such as static passwords, tokens, keypads, etc.
” Efficient Installation and Implementation with Auto Agent Registration – new users and policy updates can be added with minimal IT intervention.
” Extensive Reporting Capabilities to Ease Audits and Compliance – Superior reporting includes 28 pre-designed templates of the most widely used business reports.

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