Free tool identifies web application attacks in real time

Applicure Technologies launched the first software tool to alert in real time upon any attempt to attack the Web server. dotDefender Monitor detects attacks using a database of hundreds of advanced security rules, while an intuitive log viewer allows users to quickly receive information about who is attacking their application.

dotDefender Monitor is recommended for use on any web server, in addition to other security measures. This product provides an invaluable assessment of the adequacy of existing security measures to the level of actual attacks.

The applicaton is based on the technology of dotDefender, Applicure’s plug & play web application firewall. The software issues reports on application attacks, sources of attack, and which application vulnerabilities they target.

Applicure’s application security products protect against a variety of application-level threats, including SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting, Cookie Tampering, and more. These easy-to-use products are constantly updated with new security rules, through an automatic update mechanism. Applicure provides solutions for all popular servers, including Apache, IIS and Microsoft ISA Server.

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