Next generation enterprise-class security information and event management system

ArcSight announced the availability ArcSight ESM 4.0, a next generation platform that dramatically changes the definition of Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technology. This new release extends ArcSight’s flagship ESM platform way beyond security monitoring, by providing the industry’s first integrated identity and role-based correlation capabilities, adding the “who” to the what, when, where and why scenario that is integral for establishing effective business risk protection. With this new capability, ArcSight ESM 4.0 provides a single view into all events across a multitude of enterprise infrastructures and associates those events to the users that cause them, enabling intelligent identification, prioritisation and response to external security threats, insider threats and compliance breaches.

ArcSight ESM 4.0 introduces major improvements to asset management capability and scalability in support of modelling networks, environments, and applications on a mega enterprise scale. The enhanced scalability reinforces the platform’s inherent enterprise-class capabilities. Most large organisations manage over hundreds of thousands of assets and collect millions of events per day. ArcSight delivers a solution designed to handle these enterprise requirements by supporting management of one million assets, including vulnerabilities, applications, and owners.

“Data itself doesn’t create security breaches, people do,” said Hugh Njemanze, CTO and Executive Vice President of Research and Development, ArcSight. “Without the ability to combine identity and role data with information from technology solutions, businesses are missing a key piece of intelligence. With the addition of this capability to ArcSight ESM, we’re adding a new level of understanding of business risk intelligence.

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