New endpoint security solution out there

Secure email and Internet gateway security provider Marshal today announced Marshal EndPoint Security, a policy-based enforcement solution that allows only authorized removable media devices to connect to corporate desktops, thereby preventing data leakage and theft. Available on June 1, Marshal EndPoint Security is the result of Marshal’s strategic partnership with endpoint security specialist, Centennial Software.

Marshal’s launch of its endpoint security solution is the latest in a series of announcements that shows Marshal expanding on its strong software heritage. Last month, Marshal announced a security appliance (MailMarshal e10000), a service provider edition of its MailMarshal email management software (MailMarshal SPE) and its intention to offer a managed security service later this year.

Marshal EndPoint Security will enable organizations to monitor and control what information goes in and out of the company via their removable media devices. While USB storage devices are a business enabler, the fact that they can be used to take vast amounts of corporate data outside the security perimeter is a real business risk that needs to be addressed head-on. Marshal EndPoint Security allows companies to enforce policies and protect sensitive corporate information from data leakage and theft at the endpoint.

In addition to managing which staff are able to access different types of portable storage devices and even wireless connections, Marshal EndPoint Security will also feature the option to automatically encrypt (using advanced 256-bit Blowfish or AES ciphers) all data legitimately copied to devices such as USB memory sticks.

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