Internet Spyware Prevention Act a leap forward in protecting online consumers

PC Tools is pleased to see House passage of the Internet Spyware (I-Spy) Prevention Act of 2007, providing the justice system with greater power and resources to prosecute cyber criminals.

“We need to give these criminals more than a slap on the wrist. We know that simply providing anti-spyware software is not enough,” said Michael Greene, Vice President for Product Strategy. “We need government support to make a real dent in cyber crime.”

“Given the high volume of cyber attacks, the significant financial losses to consumers and the lucrative attraction to cyber crime, the new I-Spy Act will further assist the Anti-spyware industry in eliminating monetary gain and putting these criminals on notice,” Greene said.

The new Act enables prosecutors to pursue cases if the cyber crime affects ten or more victims over a one-year period. The Act will allow for the amendment of current cyber crime penalties so that criminals are liable to forfeit profits and surrender the equipment and property used to carry out cyber crime. The Act will also extend to sentencing for these crimes.

The I-Spy Act will also significantly increase funding for investigations and training of the FBI, the Secret Service and U.S. Justice Department personnel dealing with these complex crimes; providing for an additional $10 million annually to combat cyber crime.

“PC Tools sees the I-Spy Act as a leap forward in protecting online consumers and an added deterrent for cyber criminals,” Greene said.

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