90% of mail received by companies in May was spam

According to data compiled by TrustLayer Mail, the managed security service from Panda Software, 90 percent of email that reached companies in May was spam. This data has been extracted from a study of those companies who have contracted this service.

“Spam is more than just annoying. Unless there is a good mail filter system in place, workers will waste a lot of time deleting junk mail. It could also contain malicious code, and therefore represents a risk to corporate security. For this reason, TrustLayer blocks spam and all types of malware before it can reach computers”, explains Victor Omaechevarria, Panda’s Product Manager.

With respect to malicious code, worms from the Netsky family and Trojans from the SpamtaLoad family were the the malware most frequently detected by TrustLayer Mail. The iFrame exploit was also responsible for numerous incidents. This is an HTML code that tries to exploit a vulnerability in Internet Explorer.

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