MicroWorld’s eScan Wins VB100% in comparative review

Continuing its winning streak against a gamut of Viruses and other malware, eScan has bagged the coveted VB100% award from Virus Bulletin magazine in their recently conducted comparative review .
Widely regarded as a Benchmark Test in AntiVirus Quality Assessment, VB100% employs a comprehensive method in testing various AntiVirus products in the present day market. The participating products in the test are checked against Malwares belonging to different categories like; In the Wild, File Infector, Polymorphic, Worms and Bots, DOS and Macro Viruses
According to the results of the study, eScan stood out as one of the very few products that showed 100% detection record in all categories, while many other products failed to achieve the same level of accuracy. “eScan wins another VB100 with some style,” said John Hawes, renowned security tester from VB100 in his review note.

eScan Internet Security Suite is not just an AntiVirus system. It’s a comprehensive security solution that offers Protection against Viruses and Malware, Multilayered Spam Control system propelled by an innovative technology called Non Intrusive Learning Patterns, Proactive Anti-Phishing, Content Security, Intelligent Web Filter and Parental Control. 
One of the main reasons why the product is becoming popular among computer users across the world is its install and forget nature, according to independent security experts. The protection mechanism of eScan is powered by a unique technology called MicroWorld Winsock Layer, which enables the software to block all kinds of threats at the transport layer. This ensures that online perils are intercepted and destroyed on the fly, thus creating a security screen around computers. In a converging world where “Unified Threat Protection’ is the buzz phrase, eScan’s growing popularity shouldn’t come as a big surprise to many.

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