McAfee ups the ante in security risk management

McAfee Inc. announced the availability of an early version of McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator 4.0 (ePO), the next major release of its award- winning security management software.

The new version, available to the public in beta today, includes improved Web-based controls, configurable reports and enhancements to the reporting features. ePolicy Orchestrator lets IT personnel easily manage multiple security and compliance applications and suites, and is designed to integrate better, save time and reduce cost. Policy Orchestrator 4.0 brings knowledge-driven security that is automated and actionable, letting organizations make efficient and effective threat protection and compliance management decisions.

ePolicy Orchestrator is the industry’s most popular and respected security management technology with over 30,000 customers and nearly 54 million PCs and servers under management. ePolicy Orchestrator is an essential part of McAfee Total Protection, providing central management for comprehensive system protection as well as for network security and compliance management.

“Security solutions must work together intelligently,” said Tim Boisvin, end point protection systems manager, the Boeing Company. “McAfee ePO is essential to our security infrastructure. We now have real-time visibility into actionable system host details, which enables us to quickly detect risks and deploy counter measures across our system and network security environment.”

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