GFI releases software suite for PCI DSS compliance

GFI Software announced the release of the GFI PCI Suite, a package aimed at helping companies meet the strict requirements and tight deadlines imposed by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) and comply with the majority of automated processes required for compliance.
The GFI PCI Suite provides a centralized management console through which systems administrators can deploy the PCI DSS enhanced versions of GFI EventsManager and GFI LANguard N.S.S. – two solutions that are vital to network security and essential to meet the directives imposed by PCI DSS. GFI EventsManager boosts PCI DSS compliancy efforts by alerting administrators on key events occurring on the network while GFI LANguard N.S.S. allows IT professionals to proactively identify network security weaknesses and fix them before these are exploited.

Apart from log management and vulnerability management solutions, GFI’s PCI Suite also ships with enhanced reporting mechanisms. The GFI EventsManager ReportPack has eight new reports specifically designed to provide more granular information on the activity of network users and components. The GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner ReportPack features a new report which presents the status of antivirus solutions deployed on the network and new data filters which provide even more granular control over the information presented in the reports.

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