Symbian-Based Smartphone Security Software

With over 110 million Symbian smartphones shipped worldwide, this OS is becoming very popular and the need for security tools is growing. Presented here are applications you should try, depending on your security needs and the version of Symbian you are using.

Best Safe – An easy-to-use, reliable and secure manager and organiser for your private data. With Best Safe you can store your passwords, credit cards and banking information, login information and other your data in one place and to keep it with you always.

Trend Micro Mobile Security – Integrates a new built-in firewall with antivirus security to protect Smartphones and wireless handhelds against viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, hackers, and denial-of-service attacks. It also blocks short message service (SMS) text message spam to maximize user productivity. This solution offers the comprehensive protection needed for the increasing number of mobile devices enabled with WiFi connectivity and higher download speeds.

Anti-Thief – It starts automatically as the phone is turned on, and then always keeps detecting if your SIM card is changed. It also keeps checking messages arriving for an activation SMS you previously defined. If any of these happens, Anti-Thief will completely lock the phone and will attack the thief in several ways.

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