New AI-based security data and log analyzer

Privacyware has released Adaptive Security Analyzer 2.0 (ASA), a software solution that helps system administrators and security and compliance personnel detect, understand and remediate unwanted system activity, internal and external security and policy violations, malware infection and other attacks and intrusions. Adaptive Security Analyzer inspects security and system data generated from a variety of sources such as network firewalls, web proxies, Security Information Management applications, and server and desktop operating systems as well as database transactions and other critical logs.

Adaptive Security Analyzer combines expert rules with concept-based artificial intelligence to establish baselines of normal system activity and to identify and provide insight about known and new threats or activity of interest. Because ASA does not rely on pre-defined associations among variables within data to derive unique and meaningful output, Adaptive Security Analyzer delivers an important enhancement to conventional data collection, correlation and reporting applications. Adaptive Security Analyzer allows enterprise security administrators and those responsible for managing compliance to more effectively identify, understand and respond to threats and atypical behavior.

Adaptive Security Analyzer is implemented as a “snap-in” to the Microsoft Management Console and runs on Windows desktop and server operating systems. ASA supports syslog, .csv, .txt and other formatted data as well as those stored in MS SQL, MySQL, and Oracle databases (under both Windows and UNIX platforms).

Pricing for Adaptive Security Analyzer 2.0 starts at $1,249.

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