Monitoring all local and privileged user access to database

Tizor Systems announced Mantra V5.4 with Enterprise Local Audit Architecture, the most complete solution for monitoring all local and privileged user access to databases. Mantra’s Enterprise Local Audit Architecture combines the new technology Enterprise-TAP agent with Mantra’s current agent-less local audit capabilities enabling customers to choose the approach that best fits their needs for monitoring local database activity, including privileged user activity. Combined with new customized reporting and workflow features, Mantra V5.4 further extends Mantra’s lead in providing a high performance-network data monitoring solution with complete visibility into all critical data activity.

Local Audit Highlights:

– Mantra agent-less local audit does not require the installation of agents on servers. The agent-less approach provides complete visibility into encrypted connections to the databases.

– Mantra E-TAP local agent monitors all local activity regardless of how the users connect to the database. E-TAP monitors local loopback connections as well as other connections, such as shared memory and named pipes, without requiring changes to database systems.

Both the agent-less and E-TAP approaches have no material impact on database performance. They both work in concert with Mantra’s network-level monitoring by using a common policy system and Mantra presents audit information gathered by any of the methods in fully integrated reports and alerts.

Mantra V5.4 includes next-generation reporting capabilities that allow users to create customized views of any set of data audited by Mantra. Users select the data to view, choose a presentation style and dynamically generate the report. Reports can be automatically scheduled to run on designated days at specific times. A broad range of report templates are shipped with Mantra V5.4, including suspicious user activity reports, privileged user reports such as DDL and DML reports, failed login reports, dormant data reports and many others. This feature enables unprecedented visibility into data activity by capturing the full details of all audited events and making this data available for reporting and forensics.

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