A closer look at UserLock access and control software

UserLock is a tool for securing access to Windows networks by restricting simultaneous sessions, by limiting user access to the network and by providing administrators with remote session control, alert options and advanced reporting for session analysis. This is a graphical overview that shows the interface and functionality of UserLock.

Selection of the network zone to be protected during the installation of UserLock.

UserLock administration console with selection of the number of concurrently allowed sessions for all members of a group.

Selection of the allowed IP range for all members of a group.

Setting time restrictions for all members of a group.

Distribution of the UserLock agent.

User sessions view and administrative logoff of a user.

Session history report configuration.

Sample of a session history report.

UserLock Web console allows network administrators to administrate UserLock from any location.

SysLocator allows users to quickly locate available computers in organizations with numerous free access computers.

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