New software authenticator generates one-time passcodes on mobile devices

Secure Computing announced the availability of SafeWord MobilePass, a new software authenticator that allows a user access to Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Citrix, Outlook and a number of other applications through one-time passcodes generated on their personal mobile device or laptop PC. MobilePass provides convenience as well as enhanced security through proven, two-factor authentication, establishing proof-positive identity for all users accessing trusted corporate and consumer applications. Additionally, SafeWord MobilePass helps to increase productivity at a low total cost of ownership.
Key attributes of SafeWord MobilePass include:
” Generating one-time passcodes that are never used twice
” Utilizing a device the user already carries
” Integrating quickly with a range of applications including VPN, Citrix, Outlook Web Access and Web Applications
” Supporting a wide range of mobile device platforms and any laptop PC
SafeWord MobilePass is available on a number of key mobile platforms including BlackBerry, Palm, Windows and J2ME-enabled devices as well as Windows Desktops, where single-use passcodes are generated on the user’s laptop or PC. It offers simple, streamlined deployment consisting of a web-based registration and download process to install the solution.

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