Password management tool running on a USB drive

Dekart released a new version of Password Carrier, the intelligent password management tool that automatically memorizes and fills passwords and other details on web-forms and Windows applications. The new version of Password Carrier comes with an extended set of features, among which is filling forms in Adobe PDF documents.

Password Carrier resides on a USB drive, and can be used on any Windows PC, including public ones, which are known to be insecure. Whenever you visit a web-page, or open an application which requires passwords or other credentials to be entered – Password Carrier will do that for you automatically, bypassing any keyloggers, or other types of spyware.

Password Carrier makes you immune to identity theft threats, this being enforced by multiple authentication factors. Your personal details are tightly locked down, encrypted with NIST-certified AES 256-bit encryption, while biometric protection advances the level of security one step further.

The latest version of Password Carrier introduces the following new features:

– Multiple identities – keep multiple identities on the same USB drive, using a different set of credentials for each identity. Now you can have multiple accounts on the same web-site, and switch between them with just a few clicks;

– Filling PDF forms – now automatic form filling also happens when you process forms in Adobe PDF documents;

– Automatic lockdown – if you leave the computer unattended, forgetting your key in the USB port, Password Carrier will sense your absence and deactivate itself. The program can only be activated by entering the PIN;

– Automatic safe hardware removal – Password Carrier will automatically call the safe hardware removal procedure when you quit the program;

– Full control of your credentials – the password fine tuning dialog can be used to view and edit the credentials memorized by Password Carrier;

– Safety reminders – from time to time you will be reminded to create an encrypted backup of your private information; Password Carrier will also hint you if you forgot to set a PIN for your key;

– Local installation – Password Carrier can be used without a removable drive, this is handy if you use only one computer at home or at work and you want to make sure that your passwords and other details are well protected;

– Unsafe hardware removal protection – Password Carrier is now more reliable, protecting you from data loss if the USB key was removed incorrectly;

– Smart favorites menu – the sites you visit are sorted by popularity, the ones you use less frequently will be hidden, not getting in your way when you’re browsing the list;

– Fill only mode – Password Carrier can be configured to stop collecting new passwords, filling only previously collected data into the forms on the screen.

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