New self-evolving security software

SciTechI today announced the release of NetSafeGuard, a next-generation network security software solution featuring four fully integrated modules, utilising artificial intelligence to build a self-evolving computing security system.

NetSafeGuard offers a powerful, seamless integration of four essential security components – an anti-virus guard, a network and firewall guard, an email guard, and a web privacy guard. The solution delivers end-to-end protection by eliminating pitfalls often found in some disparately developed modular offerings.

“NetSafeGuard components are natively integrated from the point of conception, utilising state of the art computational intelligence techniques which minimise computational load, ” says Lee Coulson, Founder and Chairman of SciTechI. “Studies show unwelcome intrusions cost businesses billions each year. We believe NetSafeGuard is a significant advance in the field, and will make an invaluable contribution to our client’s computing security.”

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