New OnDemand application security service

Watchfire introduced AppScan OnDemand, a new outsourced service to manage web application vulnerability assessments. The new AppScan OnDemand service makes it easy for organizations of all sizes and at various stages in the security testing maturity model to benefit from the latest features of Watchfire’s AppScan 7.6, which offers a combination of customization, control and scanning accuracy performed by top web application security experts in the industry.

The new OnDemand service is aimed towards companies with little application security expertise, for those purchasing third-party software, or for organizations that need to analyze business partners to ensure they meet acceptable security standards.

AppScan OnDemand requires no installation or hardware—reducing cost and labor, and giving organizations with little or no in-house security expertise the option of basic, comprehensive and advanced vulnerability assessments.

” Basic Vulnerability Assessment: This is the entry level AppScan OnDemand offering and is designed for simple applications whereby Watchfire experts will run AppScan and provide analysis and recommendations.

” Comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment: Watchfire experts conduct a comprehensive security scan using AppScan and incorporate manual testing and exploitation of findings. This caters to medium to large applications with heavy user access levels.

” Advanced Application Security Test: This is the premium offering and is designed to accommodate the largest and most complex applications. This service incorporates a comprehensive security test combined with manual techniques to give a full application level assessment.

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