Company’s sending spam from their domain and don’t even know it

BorderWare Security Network reported that email traffic from individual organizations has over 80% of their email sent from IP addresses outside of their domain. The majority of this unauthorized email is malicious or spam and does not originate from the organization. This means that legitimate organizations are incorrectly being labeled as spammers causing emails to be blocked unbeknownst to them.

BSN works by conducting ongoing, real-time reputation analysis of the content sent from IPs, domains and users across multiple applications – email, web, IM and VoIP. As BSN detects potentially compromised or infected traffic – based on more than 30 metrics established by BorderWare – individual domain or user behaviors are flagged, graded and rejected, ensuring that legitimate traffic can be sent and received without delay while compromised traffic is rejected.

“Previous results from reputation services incorrectly identified enterprises as sending a large volume of spam with incorrect analysis based only on volume,” said Tim Leisman, CEO, BorderWare Technologies. “We’ve identified that over 80% of mail from enterprise domains does not actually come from the organization and most of this mail is spam. The real-time content inspection of BSN provides us with a much more detailed view of this traffic.”

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