Virtual e-mail security appliance

IBM unveiled a virtual e-mail security solution based on the existing Proventia Network Mail Security System from its Internet Security Systems division. By allowing robust e-mail security to run alongside other applications within a single piece of hardware, the virtual version of this product is designed to enable organisations of all sizes to block the full realm of malicious code affecting e-mail systems – spam, phishing attacks, viruses, worms and other malcode – while helping to consolidate the number of physical components needed to support and secure their IT environment. The Proventia Network Mail Security System also helps organizations prevent the leakage of sensitive or confidential data outside the confines of their company through e-mail.

The new IBM ISS virtual e-mail security appliance provides customers with the same powerful capabilities as the original Proventia Network Mail Security System. Unlike many e-mail security solutions that tend to focus solely on anti-spam technology, the IBM ISS solution offers more comprehensive, pre-emptive protection against messaging threats through one of the industry’s leading intrusion prevention system (IPS) technologies. In addition to featuring this key technology, IBM ISS’ Proventia Network Mail Security System is designed to effectively block both traditional and image-based spam, providing customers with a layered solution to secure their messaging infrastructure.

The virtual version of the Proventia Network Mail Security System is scheduled to be available this month. The product is highly scalable and is priced on a tiered basis, making it possible to obtain enterprise class security at prices affordable for businesses of all sizes.

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