Practical tips for information protection

The new school year means new friends, new classes, and often a new computer to help get schoolwork done. Mobile computers in particular can also contribute to problems affecting more and more Americans every year: data theft and compromise of personal information.

There are a number of things the average student or parent can do to protect themselves and their information:

  • If you will be attending school, or sending your child off to school, with a computer that’s already been used by your household or business, make sure you’re not sending off important data as well. Simply deleting files or formatting the hard drive is not enough.
  • Protect your computer as you would your keys, wallet or credit card. Most mobile computers come equipped with a security cable slot; invest in a cable and use it.
  • Keep your laptop out of sight and inconspicuous when not using it. Invest in a padded bag that also doesn’t shout “Laptop Inside.”
  • Invest in computer theft protection software that tracks, locates and recovers stolen computers.
  • Set both boot and log-in passwords to prevent information theft in the event your computer is stolen. Some mobile computers now use biometric technology to restrict use to only registered users.

Source: CBL Data Recovery

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