Oracle’s new centralized security and user authentication services for Linux

Oracle announced the preview release of Oracle Authentication Services for Operating Systems, a new offering within Oracle Identity Management. It is designed to make user management in operating systems more efficient, secure and centralized. Together with Oracle Internet Directory, a highly scalable LDAP directory that leverages the high availability and security features of the Oracle Database, Oracle provides customers a pre-integrated, easy-to-install and configure, centralized user authentication and storage solution for Linux and Unix.

The Oracle Authentication Services for Operating Systems preview is comprised of three key components including: — Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM) — standard operating modules available on most Linux and Unix-based systems that support externalized authentication; — Oracle Internet Directory — standards-based directory server that leverages Oracle Database to store users, groups, roles and entitlements; and– Tools and Automation — tools and scripts that configure both PAM and Oracle Internet Directory components, provide simplified user migration and help ensure strong native security between network endpoints.

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