Computer Forensics Library Boxed Set

“Computer Forensics Library Boxed Set” includes three previously published books:

“Forensic discovery” (020163497X): Definitive guide that presents a thorough introduction to the field of computer forensics. Covers everything from file systems to memory and kernal hacks and malware. This book exposes the many myths about forensics and will get anyone started with the realities of forensics.

“Real digital forensics” (0321240693): Dives right into an investigation so the reader learns by doing. The authors walk the reader through six detailed, highly realistic investigations and provide a DVD with all the data needed to follow along and practice.

“File system forensic analysis” (0321268172): Provides the information needed to investigate a computer’s file system. Most digital evidence is stored within the computer’s file system so many investigations inevitably lead there. Expert Brian Carrier provides details about file system analysis available nowhere else.

From getting started to in-depth discovery, a complete library for anyone dealing with forensics:

° With the ever increasing rate of computer-related crimes, more and more professionals are finding themselves needing to conduct a forenisics examination
° Includes the works of today’s leading forensics experts
° Compiles resources on the big picture basics and pragmatic advice on how to conduct an actual investigation
° Box is a savings of $29.99

Computer Forensics Library Boxed Set 
ISBN 10: 0321525647 / ISBN 13: 978-0-321-52564-2
By Keith J. Jones, Richard Bejtlich, Curtis W. Rose, Dan Farmer, Wietse Venema, Brian Carrier

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