5 Security Widgets for the Opera Browser

Widgets are Web programs you can run right on your desktop using Opera 9. This article introduces security-related widgets that will enhance your Opera experience.

€ncryptør lets you encode your text so that only you or other people using the widget can view its contents. You can also save your workspaces (with optional passwords) for later viewing.

Message Digesting
This widget calculates a Message Digest from a given string of text. Currently supports MD4, MD5 and SHA-1.

This widget shows the octal numbers of Unix/Linux file permissions. It is very handy for all new users not yet familiar with how to set permissions.

Panic Button
Press the panic button when you need to hide whatever you were doing. It can hide everything with a black page or open Google in Opera which will make the browser pop up on top of everything else.

PasswordMaker helps you generate strong passwords.

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