A closer look at Cryptainer LE: your own secure hidden data vaults

This tool enables you to secure your data and ensure that you are doing the best for your privacy. Cryptainer LE uses 256 bit AES encryption and works by creating multiple 25 Mb encrypted containers (vaults) on your hard disk. These encrypted vaults can be loaded and unloaded on need.

For creating a new vault, you need to specify its label, size, assign the password and chose the encryption algorithm.

Start your state of security with a good password. 100 characters is maybe too much, but try to make the password with at least 10 characters.

User interface of a typical Cryptainer LE “mounted” vault. You can easy place your files here or chose one of the advanced options.

Encryption and decryption processes are pretty straight forward.

Rather nice option for sending encrypted files over e-mail where you can chose to create a self encrypted exe file.

For more information on Cryptainer visit the official homepage or HNS software listing for this software.

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