New Kerio WinRoute Firewall with Internet monitoring module

Kerio WinRoute Firewall 6.4 was just released the other day. A new version of the Internet monitoring module in Kerio WinRoute Firewall, Kerio StaR, has added enhanced, comprehensive reporting that gives both IT and non-IT managers a powerful tool to review Internet habits of users and restrict casual Internet browsing.

The new reporting capability in Kerio StaR provides a clear and understandable profile for each Internet user in an organisation. The new report clearly lists websites visited during the day, such as MySpace, and the time spent on each site. It also lists search queries on Google and other search engines, large file downloads, Instant Messaging activity, multimedia activity, such as Internet radio and YouTube videos watched, and remote access connections.

All the reports in Kerio StaR are customisable by employee and time ranges and are available in a print-friendly version. Managers have access to the statistics and reporting through a password-protected secure web page. The information provided helps guide necessary filtering changes to implement with Kerio WinRoute Firewall’s highly flexible and robust filtering capabilities.

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