Hosting firm’s support database a target of malicious activity

Todd Abrams, the CEO of Layered Technologies released a statement in which he stated that the company’s support database was a target of malicious activity on the evening of September 19th 2007.

The incident may have involved the illegal downloading of information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and server login details for up to 6,000 clients.

Layered Technologies are asking all of their clients to change any login credentials for the following: Cerberus, Modernbill, Encompass, and all servers that operate with LT, all services that may have submitted passwords in the past for such as Webmail, Remote Desktop, SSH, MySQL, cPanel WHM, FTP Backup storage or similar services.

Upon identification of the threat, Layered Technologies responded immediately by conducting a comprehensive security audit of internal processes and procedures.

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