A closer look on Lavasoft File Shredder

Lavasoft File Shredder allows you to overwrite any file or folder, in order to ensure that the information you throw away stays deleted. The software gives you the possibility to shred your sensitive digital files and permanently remove unwanted data.

The look and feel of Lavasoft File Shredder.

Program settings give you extensive options of setting your preferred shredding algorithm.

Shredding files and folders is easy after you select specific files or just drop them inside the program window. If you add a file by mistake,the bad thing is that you cannot manually remove it from the shredding list, but you need to cancel and start adding the files again.

Shredding recycle bin.

While shredding system files you can chose temporary files, temporary Internet files, cookies and Windows temp files.

Used or unused partitions can be shred through the “Shred free space wizard”.

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