86 per cent of all emails are spam

The weekly Spam Report shows 86 per cent of all emails are spam, according to research carried out by Irish independent consulting and technical services company IT Force.

Worm.Zafi.B tops the list of viruses affecting Irish inboxes for the sixth consecutive week.

IT Force’s research analyzed more than 251,000 emails received by IT Force and its clients over the last week. Over 215,000 were SPAM (86 per cent of all emails).

Top 15 Viruses over the last 24 hours-

1. Worm.Zafi.B
2. Trojan.Downloader-14101
3. Worm.Mytob.JM
4. Worm.SomeFool.P
5. Exploit.HTML.IFrame
6. Worm.SomeFool.Gen-2
7. Trojan.Dropper-2667
8. Worm.SomeFool.D
9. Worm.SomeFool.N
10. Worm.Mytob.BT
11. Worm.SomeFool.Gen-1
12. Worm.Mytob.DK
13. Worm.SomeFool.AM
14. W32.Sality.Q-1
15. Worm.Nyxem.E

IT Force’s solution ‘MAIL PROTECT’ protects a majority of its managed services clients from spam and viruses and it is part of IT Force’ managed services package.

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