Secure printing of sensitive documents with new HP appliance

HP introduced an automated, comprehensive solution that enables the secure printing of sensitive documents in corporate and government networks. HP Secure Print Advantage is the industry’s first hardware-based security solution to minimize business risk by addressing printer security vulnerabilities across the disparate systems, servers and clients typical to most enterprise environments.

HP Secure Print Advantage enables IT to automatically set and enforce policies across systems, applications and the print network. To safeguard against malicious attacks, the solution integrates the highest level of federal and international security assurances available in the market today – both FIPS 140-2 Level 4 and Common Criteria EAL 4+ security technology – into print environments.

Customers can easily integrate HP Secure Print Advantage, which acts as an overlay to HP or heterogeneous print infrastructures, into their existing IT environments. The solution also prevents malware and viruses that can be embedded in document files from being spread to a company’s network when printed.

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