Fight piracy with Automated Human Visual Verification

The Automated Human Visual Verification (AHVV) solution enables users to quickly scan thousands of potential copyright infringements each day, allowing the customers to confirm that download violations are not “false positives.”

Through a proprietary process, the AHVV software solution extracts raw data packets from downloaded files and re-encodes the content for verification via software such as Adobe Flash Player within Nexicon’s web-based anti-piracy application. A small clip of sound or video is then visually verified by a human being, ensuring that an alleged copyright
infringement is indeed a violation. This AHVV tool expedites the verification processes, virtually eliminating the high fault rates that other non-human verified automated fingerprinting technologies struggle to overcome.

The AHVV graphical interface guides a copyright violation investigator to a list of potential online infringements of copyrighted material. Because the metadata description or file name of a copyrighted title sometimes does not match the actual content of the downloaded file, it is necessary for humans to verify that an illegal download has occurred in order to prevent false positives. The AHVV tool makes this verification process as easy as comparing the scene of a movie on two television screens at the same time and can be completed fifty times faster than that of competing technologies.

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